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Cloud Services

KB IT Group offers a wide range of cloud services. We can help get your business get to the cloud or offer cloud services to your current environment. Cloud services help you upscale and downscale your environment how you want and when you want, all while conforming to your budget. Cloud services allow you to access all your data when and where you need it all with peace of mind everything is secure, fast and reliable.

Cloud services also helps you to save money by not having huge up front capital expenses, less maintenance and less support so you can use the money for what happens your business.


With cloud services not only can you upscale and downscale as you need but you can also add and remove features that you need easily. KB IT Group has helped so many businesses already move completely to the cloud with having little to no hardware at their location. Here is a snapshot of some of the cloud services that KB IT Group offers.


Email Spam Filtering

  • With so many scams, spam and viruses in emails you need a solution that keeps them from coming into your mailbox. This way you can focus on reading emails that matter.

Email Encryption

  • Sending sensitive information or sensitive attachment? Did you know email is not a secure method of communication? With email encryption we make sure only the people you want read your email.

Offsite Backup Storage

  • Performing local backups are great but what if you want longer term backups or to make sure your backups are duplicated. We offer plenty of storage for your needs.

Offsite Disaster Recovery

  • Speaking of local backups what happens if you have theft, fire or other major damage how does your data and information recover quickly? We offer a wide range of disaster recovery solutions to meet your budget.

Hosted Servers

  • We offer a wide range of servers to meet you needs regardless if you want to be fully in the cloud or partial. We offer all services for Windows and Linux/Unix servers that can scale from super small all the way to out of this world powerful.

Hosted Desktops

  • Why replace your laptops/desktops every couple years? Why not get smaller, cheaper and less power consuming hardware and virtualization your desktops in the cloud. You can quickly add and subtract desktops to your business needs all while accessing your same desktop anywhere in the world.

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