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KB IT Group was started by CEO Kevin Barros. He has been in the industry serving businesses for over 13 years, ranging from 1-2 employees all the way to 300 employees and everything in between. Kevin currently holds a master’s degree in computer networking and many of the industries most recognized certifications.

KB IT Group started with referrals only. Customers loved the service, speed of service, knowledge, and flexibility so much that they recommended KB IT Group to other businesses which continue to this day.

Today KB IT Group services many parts of Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. KB IT Group also has industry certified technicians available to not only service businesses at better times but also complete large projects faster. All technicians are heavily certified and experienced to keep all clients continuing to get the great service they have enjoyed over the last 10 years and for new customers to experience a truly knowledgeable IT company. KB IT Group focuses on making different technologies work together to make businesses run smoother and clients that always want to be connected more efficient.

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At KB IT Group we aim for perfection. We listen to our clients needs and budget and provide the highest and fastest level of service around. We always aim to go above and beyond our client's expectations. All while not locking our clients in contracts or classifying them in different classes. We always aim to take away all IT concerns from our clients so that they can focus on their business at hand. 

Why get bounced around from technician to technician simply because the technician or sales person is inexperienced with a partner's product which causes delays, mistakes or incorrect recommendations? Unlike your average IT company every technician and sales associate at KB IT Group has experience and knowledge with each and every partner product. This means you can rest assured that the information you are getting is accurate from start to finish and most importantly you don't get bounced around.

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